Why Classic Friendly ?

Whether you’re a classic car or motorcycle owner, restoration specialist, parts supplier or MOT service centres. Classic Friendly is here to support and assist you in more ways than one. From saving the owner money with our discount schemes, to assisting the business owner with new business. We’ll let you decide which category fits you best.

Classic Friendly Classic Car Servicing

Owner Discount

Part of our unique offer and benefits package is split into two sections. One for the owner and one for the business owner.

As an owner, you’ll receive discount vouchers. Where you’re free to choose where you spend the discount and where it works best for you. For instance, off a service or product, or even bodywork. See membership packs for full details, terms and conditions.

Classic Car Garages

Business Owner

In regards to the business owner this works slightly different. Please contact us for further details

Classic Friendly Garage Services

Get A Buyer's or Seller's Report

If you are selling a classic car of any age, what better way to back up its condition and presentation than with a Classic Friendly Ltd Buyer’s or Seller’s Report?

Classic Friendly Ltd reports can be a particularly useful tool when looking to purchase a classic car too. An expert will inspect the vehicle impartially, whether at the garage itself, or even where the car is located, subject to safe and suitable conditions in which to do so.

Safety Inspection

Classic Friendly approved garages can help you look after your classic vehicle by providing the following inspections:

car safety inspection
motorcycle safety inspection
car buyer/seller inspection

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Classic Friendly Official Partners

” Classic Friendly adding value to all parties. “

“The aim of Classic Friendly is to provide owners, both existing and new, across the UK with an easily sourced network of good, quality assured approved garages, restoration specialists and part suppliers. This can be seen in our core values as you the owner are safe in the knowledge that your vehicle or motorcycle is with a Classic Friendly Approved business. Which has passed a strict audit inspection before meeting our criteria and becoming a member.”